General Data Protection Regulation

Information for ESVE Members and Participants of ESVE congresses or ESVE courses

On 25thMay, 2018, new data protection legislation came into force in the European Union (The EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016). Essentially, its aim is to give individuals more control over the personal data that organisations hold on them. All organisations, including societies such as ESVE, are required to comply with these regulations and inform about data processing. The GDPR supports you to have control over how and why ESVE contacts you, how your personal data is stored and whom ESVE is allowed to forward your personal data to.


ESVE considers the processing of your personal data to be necessary for the performance of our obligations with you or necessary for the organization of congresses or courses. Please note that your data will be used for the purposes of administration of your membership, to create and maintain member lists, record payment of membership fees, to support you via awards or grants, and/or the organisation of congresses or courses.


Please make sure that ESVE always has your recent and correct contact details. You have the right to ask ESVE which data is stored and to correct any inaccurate personal information or to delete personal information by contacting


 To fulfil the aims and scopes of the society and to enable the organisation of courses and congresses ESVE will contact you:

  • personally, by post, email and phone in context of your membership and to maintain an up to date list of members
  • to inform you via the ESVE newsletter or Email about relevant news in the field of small animal endocrinology, society news, about upcoming events, calls for grant applications and other relevant information
  • to deliver special services to you
  • to contact you personally by post, email and phone in context of the organization of courses and congresses
  • personal data below will be processed:
    • full name
    • salutation/gender
    • date of birth
    • addresses
    • telephone and fax numbers
    • email addresses
    • profession
    • type of membership (full member/honorary member, etc.)
    • date of beginning and end of membership
    • fees (paid and open)
    • ESVE awards, research and course grants
    • areas of interest and expertise notified by member
    • activities within the society, in particular participation in events, membership in committees, working groups, publications for the society, lectures, participation in conciliation proceedings
    • details on consumption of services of the society
    • details on initiation, content and execution of contracts
    • payments or other services rendered by the society to the member
    • content of correspondence
    • bank account
    • VAT registration number
    • social insurance number
    • tax number
    • pictures taken in context of courses or congresses or as portraits of board members

Your data will be stored for as long as you are a member of the society. When you do not continue your membership, you can ask the secretary of the society to delete your data. Please notify the secretary at to do so.


In context of participation congresses and courses your personal data will be stored by ESVE until all administrative procedures are completed.


Personal data will be processed eventually by third parties who are involved in the organization of ESVE congresses or ESVE courses. This may be essential in terms of the organization of courses or congresses to process the payment of congress or course fees, to send you information on the course or congress, to be able to book transportation or accommodation, to contact you as speaker or delegate, to supply certificates of attendance or other obligations with you. In this context, we might need to forward your personal data to:

  • Local organizing committees
  • Companies that support or perform the organization of courses or congresses
  • Other veterinary societies (such as ECVIM-CA, SCE or national veterinary societies) in context of the organization of congresses or courses