Sponsored by MSD Animal Health.


Immediately after the ECVIM congress in Barcelona, ESVE is organizing an exciting post-congress symposium on artificial intelligence.


Register now through the ECVIM congress website!


Date: Sunday September 24 at 8h15 am.

Location: Hotel SB Diagonal Zero Meeting room South America.

Maximum participants: 150.



Man vs AI: can artificial intelligence ever take the place of the endocrinologist?

  • 8h30 Welcome.
  • 8h45–9h00 MSD Animal Health.
    Linda Horspool – Innovating with AI.
  • 9h00–10h00 Diagnosis of hypoadrenocorticism.
    Chen Gilor - Artificial Intelligence in the diagnosis of hypoadrenocorticism.
    Carmel Mooney - Canine hypoadrenocorticism: a clinical challenge too complex for algorithms.
  • 10h00–11h00 Diagnosis of hyperadrenocorticism.
    Imogen Schofield - Machine learning and Big Data approaches to the diagnosis of canine hyperadrenocorticism.
    Ian Ramsey - Canine hyperadrenocorticism – why the numbers and clinical signs don’t always add up.
  • 11h00–11h30 COFFEE BREAK.
  • 11h30–12h30 Management of diabetes mellitus.
    Stijn Niessen - Managing pet diabetes with an App.
    Federico Fracassi - Managing pet diabetes when the glucose doesn’t match the clinical picture.
  • 12h30–13h30 LUNCH.


Registration is done through the ECVIM congress website.




ESVE/SCE members: free.

Non-members: 100€ (excl. VAT) .



Sponsored by Dechra.


By registering for the ESVE post-congress symposium you are also invited to the Pre-symposium dinner, Saturday evening September 23, (Restaurant Mirabé, Manel Arnús 2, 08035 Barcelona) kindly offered by Dechra.


There are a limited number of places available for the dinner so they will be filled according to the order of registration to the symposium.